∗ 2013 – TU/e metaforum landing

Location Landing between 0th and 1st floor, Metaforum Building,
Eindhoven University of Technology
Aim Study diluted/undisturbed pedestrian dynamics
Recorded Area 2.3m (L) x 1.2 m (W) / 1 Kinect sensor
Processing Offline, 24/7 recording
Data 2.200 trajectories per day/230.000 trajectories in total
Dataset Diluted pedestrian dynamics

The simplest pedestrian dynamics occurs in narrow corridors, where interactions are limited and we can study the undisturbed motion. We run a months-long, 24/7, measurement campaign in a staircase landing at Eindhoven University of Technology. 

Sketch of the measurement setup

Through Microsoft Kinect and ad hoc tracking we collected a dataset of 230.000 trajectories, nearly 2.200 per day along a period of six months. Example of the collected trajectories are reported below.


The data collected enabled us to perform unprecedented statistical analyses on the behavior of pedestrians, focusing particularly on the “diluted” motion (i.e. the motion of pedestrians when not influenced by neighboring peers) and on its statistical signatures.  

Pedestrians exhibit frequent small fluctuations in the walking velocity and rare large variations, e.g. U-turns. This can be thoroughly represented as Langevin-like motion with a bi-stable velocity potential. For more details see

A. Corbetta, C. Lee, R. Benzi, A. Muntean, F. Toschi, Fluctuations around mean walking behaviours in diluted pedestrian flows. Phys. Rev. E. 95, 032316, 2017

or this poster . The dataset related to the publication is available here .


The full list of publications related to this acquisition setup, dealing with physical modeling, data analytics and tracking technology follows

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