2016 – Naturalis Biodiversity Center

LocationNaturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden.
Entrance and Exit of the Pesthuis.
AimPerform crowd analytics experiments in a multi-modal environment
Recorded AreaEntrance: 2.3m (L) x 4.5 m (W) / 2 Kinect sensors 

Exit: 2.3m (L) x 4.5 m (W) / 2 Kinect sensors  

ProcessingReal-time, 15Hz
DataProcessed in real-time for crowd analytics

Since 2016 we installed our sensors at Naturalis Biodiversity Center, in Leiden, to explore crowd analytics via our Kinect-based system.

We installed our sensors at the entrance and at the exit of the museum.

Entrance of the museum at the “Pesthuis” location:

“Pesthuis” exit

Installation moment